200 Patricia Koch Drive, Santa Claus, Indiana, 47579, US

Located in the Community Center, behind the Fire Station, next to Saint Nicholas Church.

Santa Belongs to the Entire Community

Our Mission Statement

To ensure that Santa is available to serve the community year-round, assist in supporting other charities, especially those that have to do with children's health and welfare, help wherever welcomed, and enhance other businesses and events in the community.

The Vision

This vision maintains the belief that Santa belongs to the entire community and not just one specific entity. By using this model, Santa will be available to appear at different events around the area. For now, we rent a space in the Santa Claus Community Center, located at 200 Patricia Koch Drive behind the Santa Claus Fire Station. Sometime in the future, we hope to build our own freestanding building with a significant maintenance-free year-round attraction next to it. This facility would be something that could bring visitors to our area year-round. For now, we are not saying anything about it; we love keeping people in suspense and giving everyone something to look forward to. We are also looking at the possibility of having another building next to us that would also bring people to our community year-round. That would house another organization that has been in existence since 2010.

Seeing Isn't Believing, Believing is Seeing.

—The Santa Claus

It Takes the Entire Community

Opening the Santa Claus Haus has taken the entire community working together for the good of everyone. As of right now, everyone working on this project is volunteering their time to make it work. The Santa Claus Haus has a special place to purchase photos with Santa. There is a small gift and souvenir shop. We are not trying to compete with any other business in town. We want to be able to help enhance each and every business.


We are searching for volunteers who have a passion for keeping the Spirit of Santa Claus and Christmas alive in our community year-round. If you think you would like to do something like this, please contact us at volunteer@santaclaushaus.org.

We are hopeful that some of these positions can eventually turn into paid posts.