November 30

Christmas is in Full Swing!


Hello everyone just felt it was necessary for me to take some time and let you know about how things are going here at Santa Claus Haus, as we are just getting into our first Christmas Season.

We were able to secure our 501(c) (3) status from the IRS as a non-profit corporation so anyone wanting to make a donation will get the tax benefits from that.  Our board of directors has worked hard for this whole system to come together and we are proud of their support. There has been a great deal of support from the community as well and we are very excited about all of it. Santa truly belongs to the whole community and we are doing our best to participate in as many community events as we can.

We have been in our location here in the community center in Santa Claus, Indiana for just 3 ½ months and it has been a bit of a whirlwind.

Getting the camera system set up to work with the computer and different monitors plus the printers was a challenge, some said it would not be able to happen, I think Santa’s magic prevailed and we have a system that is working like nothing you have ever seen before. When you walk in it is like coming into my living room and you can sit next to Santa for your visit.  Then the real magic starts happening as photos are being taken without you realizing it. Yes, Santa takes the photos right from his Chair. So you don’t need to use your camera or cell phone because I am capturing those candid moments without you knowing, the parents and grandparents get to enjoy the visit without having to look through a viewfinder or at their camera.

We have been able to get a scheduling program so you can get your special visit with Santa and not have to wait in lines that go on forever. The schedule will allow for five families every 15 minute time period. Which is really plenty of time for us to create that new memory with your family.

After the visit, you will be able to check out our small but unique gift shop, where we work hard at using local suppliers who have branded their product for the Santa Claus Haus. Where local isn’t always available we have done our best to carry products made in the USA.

One of the really nice things that is happening is our e-mails for your children as we will have one going out every Friday between now and Christmas, then there will be occasional e-mails throughout the year. We hope you and your children enjoy them.

We have so many exciting things coming up and I will be a little more diligent about sharing these adventures with you in the future.

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