October 18

The Christmas Stamp

October 7, 2021

The biggest event for Santa and the Santa Claus Haus team so far was with the USPS. The official first-day release of the new Christmas Stamp in Santa Claus, Indiana. Several weeks of planning went into this one as some people in Washington D.C had it pretty well scripted out. Originally it was planned to take place in front of the Santa Claus Post Office.

Santa, Elves, Silent Knight, and the 35′ inflatable Santa’s presence were requested. Well, James and Susan Wagner decided that Santa was getting lonely 35′ in the air, so they thought he should have a friend, and Baby Rudolph made his first appearance at this event inflated to 32′.

Everything was now ready for this OUTDOOR event.

The day before this event, everyone was watching the weather reports. The forecasters started out predicting 70% chance of rain; this could create many problems for this event. Some of the initial issues for Santa and the team are that Silent Knight doesn’t do well with rain, snow isn’t so bad, but rain brings other problems, and then the issues that happen with inflatables the rain seals up the fabric, and they could rip open if that happens. So watching the forecasters, the chances of rain were declining as the day went on.

It wasn’t enough for the officials from Washington, though, so they called an audible at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday and decided to move everything to the Celebration Room at Santa’s Lodge. They didn’t want the guest and the entertainment for this event to get wet.

So now all the outside decorating was changed and moved to the inside at the new location. They still wanted Santa and Silent Knight to make an appearance as close to the scripted version as possible. As Silent Knight was to make a surprise appearance for those who attended, this presented some problems getting it inside. First, were the doors wide enough? They were with just about 2″ clearance on each side. Then how does it get to the doors? The ramp was not wide enough, and then I had to make two sharp turns. Yes, I know the steps lead right to the door, but Silent Knight doesn’t climb steps. So with the assistance and coordination of Jaws Collision, our team figured out how to go into hovercraft mode with the help of a roll-back wrecker, and it went into the building.

Then one of the setup people said that once it was in its hiding location, it would only be able to move out about 15′, and we were initially going to circle around the guests at the outdoor event. After some minor floor plan changes, we went in front of the guest park, and then Santa walked onto the stage for the big reveal.

Now you may be wondering why I told you all of this. Well, it was to let you know that Team Santa can find ways to get things done.

Thanks, team.

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