October 18

Grand Opening and Fall Festivals

Santa Claus Haus has been officially opened for two months today. It has been busy for Santa as I have been able to attend so many different events. Our Grand Opening was great; we had our ribbon cutting with about 150 people there. The 35′ inflatable Santa courtesy of James and Susan Wagner out in front of the Community Center welcoming everyone. We were able to have some wonderful entertainment. Freddie Bourne was perfect on stage for this event and Elf Ally out visiting with children. We gave away a lot of photos that day which was great as we were working through getting that system working as it should.

The fall festivals have been so much fun. Dale Fall Fest was the first one; it had so many different food selections. I couldn’t help but sample as much as I could. The children seemed to enjoy having Santa around as I wandered around. It was so much fun handing out the Nice Achievement Cards. The parade was great as well, so many of my friends were there. It’s just a joy to see them out and about. Elf Ally was with me, and we handed out so many more nice achievement cards and suckers, a lot of fun. Silent Knight (my sleigh) made its first parade debut through the wonderful work and courtesy of the Jaws Collision family.

Santa and Silent Knight

The Chrisney Fall Fest was not as big, but just as exciting. We enjoyed more great food and quite a few children to visit with. The highlight of that event was the Heritage Hills Choir. The young people in the choir seemed to be excited to see Santa there and wanted to make sure that I was going to stay as they had gathered around me in groups telling me about the songs they were going to be singing, songs like Rockin Robin, Proud Mary, and Thriller. They had something for every age group. Their choir director sure knows how to keep them involved with the music. I am looking forward to hearing more from them.

Then we attended St. Meinrad Rocks with Silent Knight. The first evening Elf Ally was with me. Everyone enjoyed the music and had a great time. One of the highlights for me was the clown who was making all the animals and other things twisting balloons.

The second night Mrs. Claus was with me. The entertainment was great. The Silly Safari was fun to watch as they sure kept the children involved. The bands were great, and when the sun went down, Silent Knight lit up with its light show as we moved around. Thank you, Carol, for inviting us to this event. We will be looking forward to next year.

The Spencer County Fair was enjoyable; my favorite part of it was the Cash for Carts competition. It was amazing how many adults were excited to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. They got pictures with Santa and their Carts.

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