200 Patricia Koch Drive, Santa Claus, Indiana, 47579, US

Located in the Community Center, behind the Fire Station, next to Saint Nicholas Church.

Welcome to the Santa Claus Haus

An organization dedicated to the Spirit of Santa Claus

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of our organization is to provide a place where children, families, and tourists can visit with Santa in America’s Christmas Hometown, Santa Claus, Indiana.

Santa Claus, Indiana is the place where Santa’s elves have been answering letters from around the world since 1914, just one of the traditions that did not come to a halt in 2020, and we are so grateful for that.

The Magic of Christmas Is Seen Through Your Eyes

The Memories of Christmas Are Always in Your Heart

While you are here...

While visiting with us, Santa will suggest other places to visit and share information on historical locations in the area.

This organization is the phoenix that rose out of the ashes of 2020, the year our community had no Santa. It looked like 2021 would have Santa around for a couple of different times of the year, but for a town named after Santa Claus, this just was not acceptable!


That’s when a group of like-minded people started gathering together to come up with a solution, so this would never happen again. These people formed a nonprofit 501c3 corporation to ensure that this goes on in perpetuity and does not stop. The people of Santa Claus got behind one person’s vision and united.

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